Wednesday, April 20, 2011

3 New Colors!

Three new colors have been recently added to our growing collection of Butterfly Peg Hangers!  These wall peg hangers are perfect for your little one's room.  Butterfly Peg Hangers can be used as decorations or they can be utilized as peg hangers for anything from hair ribbons to children's coats.

Green Butterfly Peg Hangers have great detail.  Their antennae are added for extra detail, and they are guaranteed not to fall out of their sockets!  So cute!

White Butterfly Peg Hanger is added to our collection, too.  These peg hangers best show up on contrasting walls, and they have the same great guarantee with their antennae!

All of our Butterfly Peg Hangers have been handmade in our own studio.  Our original design is cut, sanded and painted with the greatest care.  You may check out our Butterfly Peg Hangers by clicking on this link:
Thank you for looking!

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